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  1. Foundation

    Founded in 2019 by Jailson PS Junior, Anistage was born with only 5 members, over the following year it tripled in members, with the aim of creating a new studio and national platform with Traditional 2D animation production in Brazil.

  2. First announced project

    We announce our first original animation for the next few years, an original series, with an original medieval fantasy script.

  3. Company opening

    On 08/19/2020 officially opened the company Anistage with government bodies, starting the development and growth of the company, creating ideas for its start in the market as a studio.

  4. Second original project

    We announce the development of pilot of a national comic for 2023.

our experience

4 Years of Innovation

Anistage came to innovate the national market and offer quality services to the market, where demand, interesting and grandiose projects, Anistage will always be ready to double or triple your training and to provide the best of the international experience with the traditional 2D project.

"Great experience"

Great experience and result! The ANISTAGE team was always very professional and delivered a GREAT Final Product! A top quality animation that expresses very well what we would like to communicate with our community! We are very happy to make this new friendship and wish this team all the best!

Rodrigo Horácio
SARUGAMI's Founder


Atatica StudiosによるVitaniumのアニメーションによるオープニングで、Anistageと協力したことは、ブラジルでこの素晴らしい仕事をしたという事実と、その後の品質、効率、スピード、友情の両方にとって素晴らしい経験でした。 このAnistagexAtatica Studiosのパートナーシップが、私たちが無限に向かって成長し続けるにつれて、永遠に続くことを願っています。

Bruno Pascotto
Co-founder Atatica Studios


現代の技術を取り入れながら、競争力のある価格、芸術的な才能、勤勉な品質をクラシックアニメーションにもたらす、アニスタージュのようなアニメーション会社とのパートナーシップを確立することは大きな特権です。 彼らの結果はただ改善し続けています。

Luiz Pascotto
CEO Atatica Studios

Jailson PS Junior


Andre de Jesus


Dr. Renato



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